Rafting in Iceland

Fun and adrenaline

Well, I hear you thinking, is it possible to go rafting in Iceland? I hadn’t thought of that!

I understand that, but you can’t just forget this experience. The adrenaline rushes through your body on the most intense glacial river in Iceland: the East Glacial River, or Austari-Jökulksá.

Even if, like me, you have conquered this river many times, it remains a huge thrill!

Of course, the motto ‘Safety First’ also applies here. You will travel down the river accompanied by a helmsman and with the safe assistance of 1 or 2 canoeists. In fact, if you don’t want or dare to go down the most intense waterfall (called The Green Room), you don’t have to. But you will actually regret it when you see the faces of your fellow rafters afterwards. Really super cool!

The trip takes about 5 hours in total and once on shore you will be served a delicious Icelandic lamb soup. Half an hour later when you get back to the guesthouse you can use the two hot tubs and the swimming pool for free!

Does this all seem too exciting to you? There is also a rafting trip on the West River that is not so intense and that children can also participate in. You can also kayak on the river that flows next to the campsite, the Svartá. So enough options.

The infamous Green Room

The location

The great thing about this trip is that you start and end at the beautifully situated guesthouse Bakkaflöt in the valley of the horses, Skagafjördur. In addition to the guesthouse, there are also a number of cabins where you can spend the night and there is a beautiful campsite with a kitchen for camping before or after your trip. A nice place that has been run for decades by an Icelandic family who all work in the company.

And why not spend the night in the guesthouse or at the campsite?

There are various walks in the area to, among other things, a waterfall and for the more sporty you can conquer the top of the Maelifellshnjúkur with a beautiful view over the valley. There is also the possibility of horse riding in this valley, we recommend that you inquire at the guesthouse if you wish. They will be happy to help you!

When, what and how?

The months for rafting are of course the summer months. From the first weekend of June until approximately the end of September. Bakkaflöt’s clear website lists the times, what to bring and where to go. If you take a trip with us: this tour is included on the Midsummer Night trip!

The guesthouse is a 10-minute drive from Varmahlid (about an hour west of Akureyri) on the road number 752. If you follow the ring road across Iceland you will automatically encounter it.

Knowing more?

Are you interested in such a cool trip? Then take a look at the reviews on Tripadvisor, for example, but book directly with them, if you book online there is often a discount on the trips!

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